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What is PASTEL Moving Software?

PASTEL moving software is an innovative app that is changing the moving software industry. The PASTEL iPad app solves several problems compared with the current/existing moving software(s). We use the latest and greatest technology such as new user interface designs and application development techniques to improve user experience. Our designs greatly decrease the amount of user input needed to create inventory lists and accurate pricing for moves. Our focus on efficient and effective design means that any sales team can create inventory lists and pricing twice as fast, using our moving company software.

Does it work on Desktops?

Yes! PASTEL Moving Software is a combination of native iPad and Web based application. This enables users to have the stability of a native iPad application as well as the convenience of a web based application accessible from any web enabled device such as laptop or desktop computers.

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Why is PASTEL Different?

PASTEL has it Down to A Science!

PASTEL features a first industry: The Optimum Crew Calculator. The Optimum Crew Calculator feature allows users to easily calculate the most efficient amount of manpower needed to perform their clients’ relocation. Based on the origin and destination information, The Optimum Crew Calculator quickly calculates the optimum number of men needed to provide the most efficient and effective move. No need to guess or use outdated formulas when pricing your moves as PASTEL ensures accuracy for your business.

EZ Quote - Exclusively on PASTEL!

PASTEL’s EZ Quote feature allows users to create pricing on the spot. Pricing a move requires users to understand a lot of variables. Our EZ Quote formula simplifies the pricing process and ensures accurate quotes that take into account the real factors that determine man hours and total costs for your shippers move. Our PPH (Pounds Per Hour.) variable feature means that users of our app need to only adjust one variable to accurately create the pricing. No other moving software application allows this simplicity that is available with PASTEL’s EZ Quote feature.

PASTEL Moving Software is Easy to Use

PASTEL's inventory screen is the heart of PASTEL Moving Software. Designed specifically for taking on the fly inventory lists, allows users to take Quick & Precise inventory lists with minimal effort and errors. Summaries are displayed on the left side of the screen to allow quick glances to help users understand totals including Cubic Footage, Weight, Total Pieces, Trailer Loads, Straight Truck Loads and more. Also included is the ability to take pictures and survey notes on the fly so you capture everything from your walk-through!

Why Should you Choose PASTEL Moving Software?

Free Monthly Updates and Added Features

We are continuously evolving our software and concepts. Expect to see updates and new features as we mature our concepts. We encourage you to reach out to us concerning features that you would like to see on our next software update.

Inventory List

PASTEL spends an immense amount of time creating the perfect user-friendly inventory screen. We display crucial information right in front of your eyes and carefully designed each button to increase productivity. We know how quickly clients need pricing and PASTEL gives you the tools to get the sale.

Skip the login and password

Utilizing Apple’s Touch ID - Users can gain quick access to their dashboard with the touch of a finger. Keep your clients information safe yet easy to access at a moment’s notice.

Unlimited Quotes

PASTEL users can create an unlimited number of quotes and inventory lists. Unlike our competitors’ moving software, your opportunities are now limitless!

Order For Service

Send a detailed order for service with your quote and inventory list attached. By keeping things paperless, our software quickly assembles a document and allows you to access it at anytime, anywhere greatly improving your level of customer service.

Job Manager

Even after you close that big deal, you can still stay on top of it. With PASTEL, you can manage your jobs right from the dashboard. Don’t forget to ask for a reference after you perform the perfect move.

The Optimum Crew Calculator

PASTEL Moving Software features a first industry, a special calculator the enables you to quickly calculate the optimum crew size based on Origin and Destination info. This means you perform the most efficient move with no bottlenecks or sitting movers.

Packing Estimator

Plain and simple, create a detailed packing list in seconds. Use our pricing or enter your own, either way you're just seconds away from selling more packing materials.

Complete Mobile Sales Solution

We know what it’s like to be an outside salesman. PASTEL is an all-inclusive mobile sales solution that allows on the fly sales reps to procure more jobs all from the seamless tools integrated into PASTEL Moving Software.

What Does It Cost?

Today’s most current generation of moving software is difficult to use and often cluttered or disorganized. PASTEL is extremely user-friendly and intuitive because we actually use our own software. Our competitors often charge over $300 per month for a limited number of surveys, quotes or even worse... features you don’t need. We are offering:

  • Easy To Integrate Sales Tools
    Secure Registration and Login
    Complete Mobile Sales Solution
    Free Monthly Updates And Added Features
    Only a Low Monthly Fee
    What More Could You Ask For?

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If you are involved in the moving and storage industry you know 2 things... First, if you use a moving software, you are paying too much for it and second, it’s not very good.

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